470 Feather-Spray is a high strength, high tack adhesive, ideal for bonding urethane and latex foams to themselves, fabrics, wood and metal surfaces. To ensure even coverage on light coloured surfaces, the “Yellow” version is recommended. However, if the glue line needs to be less visible, the “Clear” version may be more suitable.

Spray Characteristics: The unique “feather spray pattern” provides excellent coverage and a delivery rate that enables fast drying, resulting in strong and permanent bonds.

  • Description: 375g aerosol tin
  • For permanent or temporary bonds
  • High Solids, resulting in fast tack
  • Long open time
  • Easy Application - Sprays well, without dripping
  • Good coverage resulting in high yields with a light application
  • Sprays in a “Feather-Like” pattern to minimize “soak-in” on foam surfaces
  • Colour: clear and yellow
  • 12 tins/case

Click here to download the MSDS for this product. (clear spray)

Click here to download the MSDS for this product. (yellow spay)

Available in the following colours

1 to 11
$19.95 ⁄ tin(s)
12 or more
$18.17 ⁄ tin(s)
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