HALF L-SQUARE 12"x6" MF 50147

Fairgate 12" X 6" Half-Size L-Square
L-square allows designers to work in half scare. Used by designers for the creation of half-scale patterns
This L-Square is a half scale of the standard L-Square
  • Lengths : 12" X 6"
  • Each arm calibrated on two edges and two sides
  • Calibrations on long arm : Inches in 8ths, Inches in 24ths, 12ths, 6ths, 3rds, 2/3rds. Inches on 8ths on revers
  • Calibrations on short arm : Inches in 8ths. Inches in 32nds, 16ths, 8ths, 4ths, halves. Inches in 8ths on reverse

$27.31 ⁄ each
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